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Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival official teaser trailer

Yesterday the official teaser trailer for the upcoming game, Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival was released and from the name and the game’s description, players will be time traveling and able to visit the time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. This is a survival, base building, crafting, adventure game being developed and published by Tbjbu2. You can watch the trailer down below.

From the Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival Steam page, the game’s description reads: “TIME TRAVEL through the eras of time! Fight dinosaurs, forge primitive tools, colonize human tribes, arrive at ancient castles, and automate in the industrial revolution. A GRAND UNFORGETTABLE survival crafting base building open world adventure. NEW FEATURES & MASSIVE REVEAL JAN 17TH!” Their Steam page also says that the game is coming in 2023.

Make sure to mark down January 17th as we will be getting more information about the game and hopefully we will see some gameplay. What do you think about this upcoming game?

Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival – Official Teaser Trailer

Video description: “Watch the teaser trailer for Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival, an upcoming survival, crafting, and base-building open-world adventure game where you time travel through the eras of time. Grand Emprise: Time Travel Survival is coming to PC.


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