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Prison Architect: Undead official reveal trailer

The official reveal trailer for the Prison Architect: Undead DLC expansion was posted on YouTube back on October 7th, which you can watch below. This DLC expansion brings a whole new scenario to the game as you try to survive, save your inmates and fight off the undead. You will need the Prison Architect base game in order to play this DLC expansion, which was released on October 11th. Prison Architect was developed by Double Eleven and Introversion Software, and published by Paradox Interactive. As of this blog post, this DLC expansion on Steam has a “Mixed” rating (link to the Steam page).

Prison Architect: Undead – Official Reveal Trailer

Video description: “The Undead expansion for Prison Architect brings a new scenario to the game, where your objective is to survive. Watch the trailer for a look at the Undead expansion, available on October 11. In the upcoming expansion, wardens will have to fight off the undead attacks to save their inmates and free the prison from an unprecedented catastrophe.


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