Everything Dinos and Zombies

The Everything Dinos & Zombies blog is live!

Welcome to the Everything Dinos & Zombies blog! We have created this blog to share news about video games, mobile games, movies, television/cable shows, comic books and physical media that contains anything dinosaur or zombie related. We are also fans of survival digital media (not containing dinosaurs or zombies), so we may include blog posts with news about those as well.

Our website shares news about new dinosaur and zombie media and in no way are we recommending it to you or endorsing it. As always, we suggest everyone to do their own research on any media before making any purchases.

Please do share our blog posts with friends and on social media to make others aware of this website, as we greatly appreciate any help. If you have any questions or feedback, or maybe we missed something new, please leave a comment or contact us via Twitter @dinoszombies.


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