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Karagon, a robotic dinosaur survival game

Karagon, an upcoming open-world survival shooter game, where you can scavenge, craft and fight robotic creatures, released a trailer stating that it is coming to Steam Early Access on February 14th (there is currently a free demo on Steam). You can watch the trailer below. This game reminds me of Ark but with all dinosaurs being robotic. Karagon is being developed and published by Tbjbu2. You can visit the game’s Steam page here.

Karagon – Official Release Date Trailer

Video description: “Karagon is an open-world survival robot-riding, crafting shooter game. Scavenge, craft, build elemental weapons, and fight to survive in an immersive open-world overrun by robotic creatures. Attack enemies with craftable weapons, blasting at their weak points to gain valuable parts that can later be used to assemble rideable versions of the mechanical creatures. Enter the world to survive alone or with friends as well. Karagon is launching in Steam Early Access on February 14.


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